Mission, Vision, Diversity, and Core Beliefs Statements
To ensure that all students we serve achieve their full potential in a language-rich environment.
Every student, who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Kansas will achieve personal success and become a responsible and productive citizen.
The Kansas School for the Deaf values the diversity of the students we serve.  We believe all students must be able to understand, appreciate, work with and learn from people with cultures and backgrounds different from their own.
Core Beliefs

KSD believes that:

  • Each student has the right to a safe educational environment.

  • Each student has the right to an academically rigorous program.

  • Each student has the right to full access to ASL and English. Both languages are crucial to a student's development and are equally valued.

  • Each student and their family should be given the opportunity to be exposed to and experience Deaf culture.

  • Individuals, ages birth to 21, throughout the state of Kansas who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, deserve quality outreach services, resources, and support. By collaborating with families, communities, and professionals we can provide comprehensive and unbiased information that addresses their specific, unique needs.

  • Each student and their family have the right to transition services to understand student's needs, access available services, and utilize programs for the benefit of the student's educational career and into post-secondary life.