Remote ASL Storytime & Academic Learning (Blended Learning)
Remote ASL Storytime and Academic Learning (commonly called Blended Learning) provides FREE, interactive, live broadcasts to Kansas students who are deaf/hard of hearing (DHH) and their classmates.  Sessions promote language access and literacy development utilizing both onsite visits and online learning.  Lessons are tailored to student needs.  These can include stories for leisure, vocabulary development, content support, and enrichment activities.


This program is designed for students from a variety of different communication backgrounds ranging from no signing to student who are fluent in ASL.  Your students will receive weekly 30-minute classes.  Stories will be matched to your students’ language levels or you can request a specific book that fits your current class themes.  This program is designed for early childhood through high school-aged students.  This platform provides students access to ASL and a deaf adult role model.

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Contact Information

Nancy Milner
Teacher of the Deaf/Family Signs Kansas Coordinator
913.324.5836 (videophone)
913.210.8149 (voice)