Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) serves to educate the children of Kansas who are deaf/hard of hearing in addition to supporting their families and the professionals who work with them (K.S.A. 76-1001b).  KSD has a campus-based program in Olathe for students in preschool through age 21.  Birth-to-Three services are provided via KSD Sound START program in conjunction with the local early intervention program.  The KSD Outreach Team facilitates programs throughout the state for students, families, and professional development.

Admissions Protocol

Admission to KSD occurs through a collaborative process between KSD, the local education agency (LEA), and parent/guardian utilizing the steps listed below.  Initial inquiry can be made by either the parent or the LEA.  LEAs and/or parents can not make a decision of admittance to the School for the Deaf without KSD being included with the IEP decision-making process*.

Admissions Process

Admission to KSD can be initiated by either the parent or LEA. The admissions process is:

  1. Parent and/or LEA contacts KSD.  If parents initiate the contact they will be encouraged to contact their local school to ensure the LEA is aware of the inquiry.
  2. Parents complete the Initial Data Form which includes information about the child's hearing loss and a release of information.
  3. Upon receipt of the Initial Data Form, KSD will request an audiogram to verify the child is deaf/hard of hearing, IEP/IFSP, and the most recent evaluation.
  4. KSD staff will conduct an observation in the student's current placement.
  5. An IEP meeting is scheduled at the local district to review student's needs and discuss placement options.

  6. If KSD, LEA, and parents agree that KSD is an appropriate and the most accessible option, a prior written notice for change of placement is completed by the team.

*KSD reserves the right to refuse admission to a student if the student is hearing (e.g., hearing child, hearing child of deaf adults, sibling of deaf person) or requires services that are beyond the scope of what KSD can provide.

Contact Information

Joan Macy
Coordinator of Outreach/Related Services
913.210.8149 (voice)