Admissions Process

Admission to KSD can be initiated by either the parent or LEA. The admissions process is:

  1. Parent and/or LEA initiates contact with KSD to request admission.  If parents initiate the contact they will be encouraged to contact their local school as well so the LEA is aware of the request.
  2. Parents complete the Initial Data Form, including the Release of Information, and return it to KSD.
  3. KSD submits a request for records from the current placement including an audiogram, IEP/IFSP, and the most recent evaluation.
  4. If possible, an observation is scheduled.
  5. An IEP meeting is scheduled at the local district to review student needs and discuss placement options.  If KSD is determined to be the most appropriate option, placement is started as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Joan Macy
Coordinator of Outreach/Related Services
913.210.8149 (voice)