Consultation, Assessment, and Training Team

Initial Consultation

Based on LEA staff and family questions/requests, as well as student needs, the Outreach Team is available for consultations.  Initial consultations are provided free of charge to the district.  At least two members of the team will conduct a brief observation and interview staff working with the student(s) prior to a meeting with the local school team and parents.  The meeting will incorporate recommendations and resources available to the LEA and family.  Written summaries will be provided to the school team and parents.  Mentoring support is also available for teachers of the deaf in Kansas.

Comprehensive Re-evaluations

Student re-evaluations can be conducted for the student's triennial re-evaluation or at any time the local district would like more in-depth knowledge about how the student is performing.  Areas evaluated are:

  • Academics
  • Audiology
  • Psycho-educational
  • Social-emotional
  • Speech & Written English
  • Sign language
  • Motor skills (if applicable).

Local Education Agency (LEA) staff and parents are directly involved in the evaluation process.  An evaluation takes place at KSD during a three-day time frame.  A parent or family member is required to accompany the student to KSD.  The KSD Family Suite may be available for family and/or school staff lodging at no cost.  The evaluation process may include some outreach team members visiting the local school and observing the student in a typical day prior to the evaluation.  A team meeting occurs at the end of the evaluation to review results as well as detailed written reports provided to LEA staff and parents.

Contact Information

Amy Esplund
Outreach Team Leader
913.210.8149 (voice)