Student Life

Dorm services are provided to students who cannot live at home and attend classes at KSD due to distance. This option is open to all students who wish to develop their social interaction and independent living skills.

All KSD students have access to a variety of after-school programs and activities which are modified to the individual student's needs and interests. KSD's after-school programs effectively support the social and emotional development of each student. Topics such as money management, proper hygiene, time management, occupational aptitudes, reading skills, ASL storytelling, bullying, cooking, safety, state geography, cultures, and social etiquette are included in the after-school programs.

The elementary dorm offers student-centered learning areas for younger children including; a tea room, play station room, and art/game room.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in athletic programs such as flag football, soccer, basketball and volleyball for the elementary, and football, volleyball, basketball, and track for the secondary.

Special Events/Activities


  • Back to School Night
  • Thanksgiving Party
  • Winter Holiday Party
  • Valentine's Day Party
  • Gym Activities
  • Snowflake Festival
  • Halloween Party
  • Public Library Visit
  • Swimming
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Beach Party in the Winter
  • Prom

Contact Information

Mary Hughes
Dean of Student Life
913.324.5837 (videophone)