Comprehensive Re-Evaluations

Student re-evaluations can be conducted for the student's triennial re-evaluation or at any time the local district would like more in-depth knowledge about how the student is performing.  Areas evaluated are:

  • Academics
  • Audiology
  • Psycho-educational
  • Social-emotional
  • Speech & Written English
  • Sign language
  • Motor skills (if applicable).

Local Education Agency (LEA) staff and parents are directly involved in the evaluation process.  An evaluation takes place at KSD during a three-day time frame.  A parent or family member is required to accompany the student to KSD.  The KSD Family Suite may be available for family and/or school staff lodging at no cost.  The evaluation process may include some outreach team members visiting the local school and observing the student in a typical day prior to the evaluation.  A team meeting occurs at the end of the evaluation to review results as well as detailed written reports provided to LEA staff and parents.

Contact or call (913) 210-8149 for more information.