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KSD Homecoming and Alumni Association Class Reunion Events - October 20, 2018

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                        36th Annual KSD Alumni Assoc. and Classes of 1938, 1942, 1967, and 1992
                    35th Annual KSD Alumni Assoc. and Classes of 1941, 1966 and 1991.


Kansas School for the Deaf Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association shall be to keep in close contact with the alma mater; to lend every effort possible to the growth and to the well being of the school; to support the Kansas Education Foundation in any way they need; and to hold annual reunions at the school.

For more information about the Kansas School for the Deaf Alumni Association or to become a member, please email

Alumni Association Officers

Kansas School for the Deaf Alumni Association, a non-profit organization, was founded by Mr. Ken Milner '56 on September 24, 1982 at Roth Auditorium, Roth Main Building. Mr. Gerald Johnson, a former Superintendent; Mr. Kevin Milner, now MS & HS head Teacher; Mr. Larry Beaver, a retired teacher and coach; Mr. Wayne Mnich, a former teacher; Mrs. Ruth Most, Alumnae; Mr. Jack Cooper, Alumnae; Mr. Richard Brubaker, Alumnae; and Mr. Kenneth Milner, KSDAA President cared enough to work together to see a "dream come true" for KSDAA. And now KSDAA continues to serve for over 25 years. 

President, Ken Milner ' 56
Vice President, Dennis Rodgers ' 59
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer, Gary Cross ' 71
Board-Member, Karen Milner-Kerby ' 59