Outreach Services

The Outreach Team at KSD strives to provide the highest quality services, resources, and support to children ages birth to 21 who are deaf/hard of hearing by collaborating with their families, communities, and the professionals that serve them. The team provides comprehensive services to students who are deaf/hard of hearing throughout the State of Kansas. These services include: 
  • comprehensive evaluations
  • consultations
  • observation
  • professional development training
  • workshops
  • FM leasing program
  • infant-toddler hearing aid loaner program
  • American Sign Language (ASL) classes for families 
Team Members Include: 
  • Joan Macy, Director
  • Angie Walker, Training and Lending Library
  • Dr. Gail Sprecher, Audiologist
  • Linda Ratliff-Hober, Audiologist
  • Erin Schuweiler, Infant/Toddler Programs
  • Jill Goodheart, Infant/Toddler Programs
  • Twila Latini, Infant/Toddler Programs
  • Amy Esplund, Speech Language Services
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Contact Information

Joan Macy
Director, Outreach
(913) 210-8149