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Activities and Clubs

Summer Youth Camps at Gallaudet University 2017:
Students who are interested in registering for Gallaudet's 2017 Summer Youth Camps are strongly encouraged to meet with their Vocational Rehabilitation/Department of Rehabilitation Counselors early and discuss about receiving financial support through Pre-Employment Training Services/Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (PETS/WIOA). 

To get an overview of Gallaudet's camps for the next summer and to register and receive more detailed information about each camp and its requirements, please check out the website:

Contact if you have any further questions about 2017 Summer Youth Camps and the registration procedures. 

Trip to Math Competition at NTID

We traveled to Rochester where Math competition was held in NTID on April 7 and returned on 9th. There were 36 school across the country and Canada including California School for the Deaf in Riverside, E. C. Drury School for the Deaf in Ontario, and several mainstreamed schools. There were 36 teams and 163 participants. We are in 25th place out of 36th. One student placed in 54th, another in 61st, another in 91st, and finally another in 103rd out of 163. Two students who went last year had their rank up. Their favorite part of the competition was Amazing Race. In this category, a group of the students who were combined from different school and worked together to solve puzzles like snake number and Ken Ken. After all the competition, all of the schools went to Trampoline Park. Lot of them enjoyed dodge ball competition on the trampoline. 

Three winners from our school at MJP contest during 20th ASL festival at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts March 31, 2017.

Jayda Aiken - 1st place in ASL poetry (ages: 9-12 category)
Jaeden Rolofson - 3rd place in ASL poetry (ages: 13-18 category)
Olu' Quea Siffre - 1st place in ASL storytelling (ages: 13-18 category)

You can look up the link.  

Video shows all winners from each categories and lasts about one hour. It also has lists of winners. 

Announcing Sorenson ASL Storytelling and Poetry Contest for Deaf Youth in America
KSD Winners!

Sorenson Communications holds an annual Children's ASL Storytelling and Poetry Contest for Deaf Youth in America. Typically, Sorenson picks three winners, one from the elementary level, one from the middle school level, and one from the secondary level, to win an I-pad. This year, because the judges could not choose only one winner from the high school category, they decided to award 2 I-pads. KSD also had a first place winner from the elementary category. Consequently, 3 students chosen for first place in the ASL Storytelling and Poetry in America this year were from KSD! The three students are Aryzona Marsh, Nathan Halterman, and Tyler McCallum. Kester Horn-Marsh is their coach.

Student Organizations

Student Body Council [SBC]

  • An elected student governing body consisting of high school students. The purpose of SBC is:
  • To promote the welfare of the school.
  • To encourage self-government.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility among the students.
  • To assist in furthering regular activities of the school and dormitory.
Middle School Student Body Council (MSSBC)
  • an organization sponsored by the Junior Optimist Club. This is an elected student governing body of 7th and 8th graders. The purpose of the Junior Optimist/MSSBC is:
  • To introduce students to the process of a governing organization.
  • To provide students the experience of participating in activities requiring decision-making and teamwork.
  • To learn fundraising skills, to develop a volunteer attitude and to have fun in planned parties.

Junior National Association of the Deaf/Junior Kansas Association of the Deaf

KSD is a chapter of the Junior National Association for the Deaf [Jr. NAD] and the Junior Kansas Association for the Deaf [Jr. KAD]. High school students have the opportunity to become voluntary members of the Jr. KAD. The purpose of the Jr. KAD is as follows:
  • To empower students through partnerships in leadership, citizenship, human communication, and teamwork.
  • To provide students with unlimited opportunities for contributions to the development of their school and community


  • Science Fair
  • Academic Bowl:Two competitions occur in the spring time when students compete in the regional academic bowl competition sponsored by the Gallaudet University and the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf.
  • Close Up Program: Selected students travel to Washington, D.C. for the one week Close Up program and learn about the civic program, study US government in action, tour the government buildings, learn about the law-making process, and many others.
  • Performing Arts: Students have opportunities to write, act, and be part of the stage crew in at least two dramatic productions per year.
  • Job Olympics: The annual competition is the showcase of the talents of high school students with disabilities. The focus of the competition is in the areas of work habits and work skills.
  • Oratorical Competition: There are two annual oratorical competitions sponsored by the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf [GPSD] and the Optimist organization. Scholarships are given to the winners of the statewide competition by the Optimist groups