High School Football Schedule (PDF) -- Revised as of 9-20-16

Please congratulate the following student athletes for being selected to the National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association (NDIAA) 2016 Fall Football All-American.

8-Man Football
Player of the Year - Raul Melgar
All-American First Team - Raul Melgar - Quarterback
All-American First Team - Jayman Washington - Wide Receiver/Linebacker
All-American Second Team - Marcus Aiken - Wide Receiver
All-American Second Team - Zander Symansky - Wide Receiver

DeafDigest Sports All-American 8-man football team 

Congratulations to Raul Melgar for being selected the Player of the Year award. 
Kudos to the following players who are selected to the All-American Team. 

Raul Melgar
Zander Symansky
Jayman Washington
Marcus Aiken 

Congratulations to Head Coach Rick Ward for being the Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to our KSD football team for winning the DeafDigest Sports National 8-Man football Co-Championship with Louisana School for the Deaf!!!  Check out what DeafDigest Sports says about our team at: deafdigestsports.com/category/deafdigest-sports/ 

SportsMX and National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association (NDIAA) present the monthly "SportsMX/NDIAA Athletes of the Month" awards. This award recognizes High School athletes across the country that has made significant impact on their teams not just on the field but in academics, leadership, and character as well.

SportsMX and NDIAA congratulate Alyssa Hulme, Karita Lewis, Raul Melgar, and Raymond Mukhailov on their selection as "SportsMX/NDIAA Athletes of the Month" for September 2016. Check out the announcement.

KSD football team has won the GPSD Championship with 6-0 record.

 New Record For 6-Man Football

Rushing – Longest Run

Marcus Aiken 35 Yards Touchdown

(Old Record of 23 by Melgar 2015)


Punting Return – Longest Yard

Zander Symansky 52 Yards Touchdown

(Old Record of 5 by Tareek Grant 2015)


Kickoff Return – Longest Yard

Jayman Washington 22 Yards  

(Old Record of 10 by Chandler Beal 2015)