KSD High School Basketball Schedule for 2016-2017 - revised 2-2-2017

Jayman Washington was selected to the Small Schools in Kansas City Area All-Star team.  He played in a game coached by Tyrone Weaver at KSD Foltz gym on Saturday, April 1.  His team played 11 minute quarter and won 143-112. Jayman made 28 points and was selected the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the All-Star game.  

Below is the group picture at the Big 12 Basketball Championship game on March 11.  We are so proud of our students signing the National Anthem beautifully before the championship game between Iowa State and West Virginia. Iowa State won the Big 12 Title.  Again, thanks to Marie Qualls for working with our students.  It is indeed one of their most memorable moments ever!   Thanks, too, to the Kansas City Sport Commission and the Big 12 for inviting our students. If you haven't seen them signing the anthem, go to KSD Facebook page and see the recorded video!  

GPSD Basketball Championship Winners and All-Tournament Team Members 

Jayman Washington was named a December 2016 Sports MX/NDIAA Athlete of the Month in basketball. Download the write-up and scroll to the second page.


Rick Ward
Boy's Head Coach

Mark Kerns
Assistant Coach

Tyrone Weaver
Assistant Coach

Kim Cain
Girl's Head Coach

Michelle Plummer
Assistant Coach