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Secondary Program

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The secondary program at the Kansas School for the Deaf encompasses a wide range of programs for students grades 7th to Post-Grad. The program operates in a rotating schedule to provide students with experiences to develop skills and attitudes needed to transition into adult life. Technology is incorporated into a number of high school courses to provide students with an immersive experience in computer software, digital photography, internet use and other technology skill areas. Academic advisers assist students with their coursework to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements, while a Career Development and Transition Facilitator assists students with post-secondary education or vocational choices after high school. To learn more about the Transition Program visit the Transition Program Link under Academics. This program includes assistance with college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and testing. 

The secondary program believes: 
  • each student have the right to a safe environment
  • that students be given the opportunities to succeed in post secondary education/training and employment
  • that the curriculum builds and reinforces students' strengths.
  • that students have similar school experiences as their peers, regardless of disabilities.
  • that students develop the life skills for success in a variety of living environments
  • that family, school, and community form a partnership to work as a collaborative team to meet the individual needs of each student. 


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