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Elementary Programs

Elementary Staff
The elementary program offers a comprehensive instructional program for elementary-aged students, which has been designed to meet the varying educational needs of deaf/hard-of-hearing students. The elementary curriculum is taught through a variety of areas, including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Students, Deaf Studies, Library/Media, Art, Physical Education and Keyboard/Technology. 

The language arts program and mathematics program rotate students to meet each student’s individual needs. This allows teachers to provide materials at the student’s instructional level of language and academic functioning while challenging students to improve their skills. Elementary students also participate in a variety of programs to work towards individual, classroom,and school-wide goals while improving their reading, writing, verbal language (ASL and/or spoken English), and socioemotional and physical skills. Field trips, in addition, provide the needed background knowledge and experience for the students to apply to their classroom and textbook learning and discussion.

Special Elementary Programs

  • Art
  • Character Education
  • Deaf Studies 
  • Library 
  • PE

After School Pickup Information

  • After school pickup is a hectic time at school and we ask for parents/guardians to follow a few simple steps to ensure safe and speedy pick up. 
  • Enter from the East and exit from the West of the school parking lot
  • Yellow curbing prohibits parking in that area (If you need to enter the building, park in a stall or on the street)
  • Stay with your car, 1 lane parking
  • Notify the elementary office at (913)210-8137 by 2:00 p.m. of any changes to your child's pick up routine
If you are interested in dormitory activities after school contact Mary Hughes, Dean of Student Life, at (913)324-5840. 

"Alice in Wonderland" Spring School Program

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