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Career Education


The Career Center provides students the opportunity to focus on careers. It enhances education by connecting classroom learning to the world of work and to explore their secondary planning. The students learn about their interests, become aware of their strengths and needs. Heavy emphasis is placed on learning of job etiquette, employer and employee responsibilities and helpful tips for working successfully in the hearing world. The staff at the Career Center offers information with job searches, senior portfolios, career planning, college searches, job coaching, interviewing skills, filling out applications, and scholarships. Students take the Interest Inventory and Bridges Choices inventories to pinpoint areas of interests and aptitudes. Seniors are required to complete the senior portfolios as a part their graduation requirements.

The Center also provides support to local businesses for accommodations needed to work with deaf and hard of hearing students.

Community Service (previously called Service Learning)

College Admission Exams

The American College Testing [ACT] is an achievement-oriented test used by colleges for admission purposes. The ACT is made up of four sub-tests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science reasoning. Most of the universities in the Midwest, Gallaudet, and National Technical Institution of the Deaf [NTID] prefer ACT for admission. Students can take ACT during their freshman year and again throughout the high school years.

Career and College Resource Fair

For many of our students, this will be a great opportunity to explore their interests and prepare for their future goals.  This is also an opportunity for our students to learn from experienced professionals about the possibilities after high school.   We are asking for employers and employees to share experiences regarding education, skill sets, how to become successful as employees, and advocate for short and long term goals.  Other participants such as colleges and resources will be providing information for post-graduate endeavors and resources for students to advocate for their future. 

If you know of anyone that would be interested in attending our fair, please forward their contact information to and I will be happy to send them a packet. Thank you so much!

Kelly Grove and Sharon Volk

Contact Information

Sharon Volk
Career Specialist
913-210-8133 (V)
913-324-5810 (VP) 

Kelly Grove
Transition Coordinator
913-210-8131 (V)