Academic Programs at the Kansas School for the Deaf

The Kansas State School for the Deaf (KSD) is a fully accredited school by the state of Kansas which provides a comprehensive education to children ages 3 - 21. Students at KSD experience a full range of educational opportunities and services including:
  • Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Outcomes-based Instruction 
  • Technology tools including internet access, technology labs, networked library resources, and multi-media programming opportunities 
  • Career/Technical Education 
  • Dual Placement Options 
  • Residential accommodations with programming which focuses on development of responsibility and individual living and interpersonal skills 
  • A full array of Related Services including speech therapy, ASL therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, counseling and health care. 
  • State-wide outreach department featuring consultation, assessment, and the operation of the Kansas auditory training unit program. 
  • Least Restrictive Environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students where students receive full language access in ASL and English.
KSD recognizes the importance of nurturing the whole student and provides leadership opportunities through:
  • Student government
  • Junior National Association of the Deaf
  • Alpha Optimist and Junior Optimist Clubs
  • Academic and Oratorical contests
  • Athletic participation in volleyball, football, basketball, track, and cheerleading
  • Fine Art classes (i.e. art, drama, photography)

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