Tour of the Kansas School for the Deaf Campus

The Kansas School for the Deaf - where a vision for the future combines with a rich heritage to produce a remarkable present! A placement option available to all deaf children in Kansas ages 3-21. A barrier-free communication environment which fosters early, fluent communication and on-going fluent communication as a means of broadening horizons and maximizing possibilities. Bilingual instruction, which builds on the strengths of a fluent, visual language [American Sign Language] to develop fluency in a second, written language [English].

What is Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD)? 

KSD is a fully accredited, center-based school offering comprehensive educational programming for students who are deaf or hard of hearing preschool through high school. KSD is a least restrictive environment where students receive full language access in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. A full array of services including ASL tutoring, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, health care, and dormitory options are available. 

 Why go to KSD when interpreters are in the public schools?

 Direct instruction is best. Interpreters are statelicensed professionals who are experts in interpreting, not teaching. On days when the interpreter is absent, the student has no access to learning or language. At KSD, licensed teachers provide instruction It is anything but quiet on campus! Currently, about 40% of KSD's students have some functional hearing abilities and some speech skills, and around 30% of KSD’s students use cochlear implants. Students at KSD have a variety of hearing levels and speech abilities. While many of them do use their voices, they may prefer to sign if their voices may not be understood clearly. 


What are the costs for a student to attend KSD? 

KSD provides free and appropriate public education. There is no tuition. Parents are responsible for typical items just as would be expected at their local school. 

Who is responsible for transportation? 

The student's local school district is responsible for providing transportation to and from the school on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the student's IEP. 

How are students enrolled in KSD? 

Requests for admission can be made by parents or the local school district for students who reside in Kansas. A parent cannot enroll a student without involving the student’s local school district. An IEP meeting consisting of parents, KSD, and the local school district will make the determination if KSD is the least restrictive educational program. Once placement at KSD is decided, the student will begin attending KSD as soon as possible. 

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How can students attend KSD when they live so far away? 

KSD has both “day” students and “dorm” students. Day students go home at the end of each school day; however, they may participate in after school activities. Special arrangements can be made in advance for day students to stay after school for special activities. Dorm students (over the age of five) live on campus when they cannot live at home due to distance. KSD staff is on duty 24/7 to take care of the students. About 50% of KSD’s students are dorm students. Local students can stay in the dorm for language and social opportunities as dictated by their IEPs. Most students will generally travel home on Friday and return to KSD on Sunday (refer to annual school calendar for exact dates).